How can we Consciously Shape a Dynamic Project Culture with cultureQs

Dear members, dear friends of the PMI Berlin / Brandenburg Chapter, we are happy to present our first English speaking Chapter Event!

How can we Consciously Shape a Dynamic Project Culture with cultureQs?

In this compact interactive Workshop, we'll simulate a project Mobilisation Scenario. You will experience how embedding cultureQs into the initial phases of the mobilisation process enables project teams to align and focus on their real goals very quickly ... a prerequisite for the true engagement and collaboration.
This foundation enables Project Team Leaders together with all team members, to shape a generative dynamic goal-oriented project culture focused that leverages the natural diversity and range of perspectives inherent in every team.

Eric Lynn, the creator of cultureQs, will lead this workshop. From Eric's experiences on four continents as an Organisation Development Consultant, Company Owner, Facilitator, Executive Coach, Trainer, Change Agent, Provocateur, Mediator in Change Initiatives and International Projects three key learings emerged:

  1. People WANT TO contribute. They are looking for opportunities to engage positively.
  2. Most organisations (including projects) contain massive untapped potential ... resources which they are
    frequently unaware of.
  3. Difference is a Natural Resource.

Workshop Agenda

  • A brief introduction to culturQs
  • Experience the impact of cultureQs in a Project Scenario
  • Next Steps
  • Open Questions
  • Background Information


We are looking forward to an exciting workshop and lively discussions. We are looking forward to insightful discussions!



170419 Eric Lynn

Eric Lynn Facilitates Culture Change. He is the creator of cultureQs. For more than 30 years, he has been working worldwide as an Organisation Development Consultant, Facilitator, Coach and Provocateur for Cultural Integration, Change and Leadership, whereby the primary focus is on (Re-)Shaping Workplace Culture.

Professional principle: Good Purposeful Work with Good People. Change and crossing cultures have been the defining aspects of Eric's life since childhood. Working in English and German, he has lived and worked on 4 continents, including 8 years in Asia.

Background Information cultureQs

cultureQs is a Change and Integration Accelerator that that uses powerful questions to inspire participants to reflect on the foundations of their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. While engaging in deep meaningful conversations, people connect quickly, enabling the invisible borders that hinder collaboration to fall away. Wasteful conflict is reduced; people (re-)focus on the personal and professional questions that matter; innovative potential is released and performance is enhanced.

Further Information:


Location: Digital Eatery, Unter den Linden 17, 10117 Berlin

PDUs: By participating in this event, you will earn 2 PDUs.

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