The PMI Berlin-Brandenburg Chapter was proud to present its first event for English speakers on the 19th April 2017. At the Digital Eatery, Unter den Linden, Eric Lynn presented on the topic "How can we Consciously Shape a Dynamic Project Culture with cultureQs".

cultureQs is a Change and Integration Accelerator that that uses powerful Questions to inspire participants to reflect on the foundations of their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. At first sight cultureQs looks like a board game, but after a short while the board moves more and more in the background and the meaningful conversations in which people engage become the focus. The conversations are about values, wisdom, behaviour patterns or the traps that cross-cultural interactions may bring in organisational life. It is lots of fun and in the end everybody is a winner. The participants' reactions on cultureQs were positive throughout.

17 04 17 cultureQs4 17 04 17 cultureQs5
Fotos: Juliane Schmidt

Eric Lynn furthermore explained his definition of culture: The continuously evolving dynamic interaction of mindsets and gutsets of actors in the system. The focus is on each person with very individual needs and attitudes, which have to be synchronized with each other for the benefit of the team. cultureQs comes into play here, asking questions which help to dissolve the invisible barriers within a group, which prevent effective cooperation. A very interesting approach on which many participants may have a reflected long after the event. Further Information:

17 04 17 cultureQs6
17 04 17 cultureQs7
Fotos: Juliane Schmidt

We also would like to mention the great atmosphere and service at the Digital Eatery – we’ll be back!
Participants can claim 2 PDUs for the chapter event.


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